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Moisturizes and moisturizes, gently protects the feet, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin, relieves dry and rough skin on the feet.


Leaves foot skin soft and smooth.


Rich in vitamins and skin repair actives, it forms a protective barrier on your skin that cools, soothes & heal to help you maintain an active lifestyle.


Easy to use,quick result,delicate flavor.


With hydrating and moisturizing function, effectively soften the skin stratum corneum and give the skin nutrition.


Natural moisturizing ingredients nourish the skin, improve dry skin, lift and firm skin, leaving skin moist and supple.


Can be used on hands, feet, legs and other dry parts,reduces the appearance of cellulite, giving skin a natural glow and youthful look

South Moon - Tea Tree Oil Foot Balm

  • 30 g

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