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About Us


Korean Glow 

Korean Glow Trading is Official Distributor for Lovely in Qatar 

Lovely founded in 2012, nowadays the company holds a leading position as an international expert in the beauty sphere!  

Lovely offers

  1. Brand production and sale of materials for artists in the lash and brow 

Artists choose Lovely because of the high material quality, modern new arrivals, attractive product prices, and the possibility for personal growth! 

  • Over 3,000 items are always in offer. 

  • The production process includes 20 production sites from 10 countries worldwide. 

  • 3,500 people produce and prepare TM products Lovely. 

  • 310 people participate in product testing before releasing goods for sale.  

  • 10 years of experience in the fastest-growing beauty industry. 

  • 3-step product quality control. 

  • The company has its laboratory for making and testing of new products. 


Our goal is to enhance women's beauty and to be their inspiration in crossing the limits in the beauty industry! 

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