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This hands free lighted magnifier has LED glass lamp with strong light and soft light, provides sufficient brightness in any dark or dim environment. You can easily adjust the angle of the LED light so that the light source can accurately irradiate on the surface of the object to be observed.

Widely Applications
– Reading books or newspapers.
– Making handicrafts, carving, carpentry, drawing picture.
– Repairing electronics, clock, circuit.
– Appreciating flowers or potted landscapes etc.
– Insect breeding and inspection.
– Stamp collecting, jewelry, printing.

The min distance between lens and eyes on the slot is 45mm while the max distance is 65mm. when lens become closer to eyes, you may view larger view larger visual range, and vice vresa. For example: When using 1.5X lens, the lens focal length is 333mm. If the distance between the lens and the object is less than 333mm, the focusing seat should move in the positive direction. If the distance between the lens and the object is more than 333mm, the focusing seat should be negative Direction movement.

– Please do not put it under the sun to prexent fire.
– For safety reasons, please be sure not to view the sun with magnifier.
– For any dirt on the eyeglasses, please wipe the eyeglasses gently with soft cloth like eyeglasses cloth.
– Please do not wipe the magnifier with the liquid such as banana oil.
5 piece Interchangeable lenses
This magnifying glasses with light has 5 type of magnifications: 1.0X, 1.5X, 2.0X, 2.5X, 3.5X

Magnifying Glasses with LED

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