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EVA foam.
Superb Quality Pairs Disposable Foam Anti-Slip Slippers. soft, lightweight and comfortable

Colorful and Comfortable: These colorful foam pedicure slippers are durable, disposable and affordable. Flat, easy to store and carry
Size: 11.6 x 4.3 x 0.1 inch, one size fits most. Adult size slippers but you can cut them down for kids use
Packing 12 pairs / pack.

Application: These sturdy and pedi slippers are disposable wholesale ideal for hair salons, spray tans, spas, hotels for pedicure treatments. Ideal for pedicure treatment, nail varnish application. They can also be used in hotel showers, spa areas and nail salons and are ideal to take on holiday. Not suitable for walking 

Disposable Slippers For Pedicure Spa Foot Bath Nail Salon (12 pairs)

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