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Double-sided, professional file used for filing and shortening natural and extended nails.
Irreplaceable when giving shape to gel or acrylic mass and to prepare tips before applying the gel.
The fine-grained side (180) is ideally suited for modeling the edges of the nails and medium grain (100) will facilitate the removal of the previous stylization.
The file's flexibility allows for smooth movements and a special shape makes it easier to reach less accessible places.
The product is characterized by a very good finish - it does not break and does not stratify.
The abrasive material, made of the highest quality Japanese paper (8 times galvanized), guarantees comfortable work for many weeks.

Material:Sandpaper on surface, foam on second layer, plastic in middle-level

Washable, Disinfectable

Gradation: 100/180
Grey colour

25 Pcs - Professional Nail File Boat 100/180

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