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  • Manicure pusher (slant pusher + straight pusher).
  • The working part, “slant pusher,” is used to lift and push back a rough and strongly stuck cuticle, clean the free edge of the nail, remove gel polish streaks.
  • Shape “metal orange stick”.
  • The working part “pusher” is designed to lift and push back the cuticle for its further removal.
  • Professional manual sharpening.
  • Recommended for manicure and pedicure.
  • Corrugated handle improves the fixation of the tool in the hand of the technician.
  • Additional resistance to corrosion due to polishing with GOI paste.
  • High-alloy stainless steel.
  • Resistant to sterilization in a dry heat oven and autoclave.
  • Can be subject to disinfection with special agents.
  • Recommended for manicure and pedicure.

Manicure pusher EXPERT 90 TYPE 5 (beveled and straight pusher)

وحدة SKU: PE-90/5
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