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Get ready to elevate your lash game and give your clients the "WOW" factor they truly deserve! 💫 Our lash extensions are meticulously crafted to deliver perfection.

🖤 Super Black & Soft - Our lashes are ultra-black, soft, and incredibly shiny, ensuring a stunning and mesmerizing look.

🇰🇷 Korean Materials - We use only the finest Korean materials, known for their superior quality and durability.

🌱 Perfect for Beginners - Creating flawless open fans is a breeze, even for beginners. You'll achieve salon-quality results effortlessly!

📏 Length Variety - Choose from lengths ranging from 6 mm to 17 mm, catering to every customer's desire for eyelashes of various lengths.

🌀 Versatile Bends - Select from a range of bends: C, D, B, CC, L, and M. Each bend creates a unique lash style to suit individual tastes.

📐 Varied Thickness - We offer thickness options of 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, and 0.15, allowing you to customize the weight and look of the lashes.

Transform your lash artistry with Vanity Beauty's Classic Lash Extensions! Your clients will be left in awe of their new, stunning look. 🔥

Vanity Beauty - Classic Lash Extensions Solo Tray

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