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Using our spray can effectively prevent dry and cracked skin. At the same time, it can easily remove dead skin on your feet, regenerate your skin and make your feet smooth.
Featured with deodorize, prevent sweat which allows you avoid embarrassment.It also gentle to use for moisturizing your skin.
Our product is effective in treating and preventing severe fungus infections. Gentle ingredient let you get rid of damaged and infected toenails in a side-effect free way.
The length of product is 11.5cm, the width is 3.2cm and the height is 3cm.
Suitable for damaged or infected skin on the feet and toenails. Unlike fungal gel or cream, this spray allows 360 degree application without direct contact with the affected area.

South Moon - Hebrcure Anti Fungus Spray

  • 60 ml

  • Simply spray 3-4 times on infected nails after shower, it will improve the appearance of infected or cracked nails as fast as in 1 week.

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