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  • Dual Action Airbrush Paint Spray - Our spray pen is available in two ways to connect a variety of compressors and sprayers.Dual-action flip-flop designs can not only change the paint release range, but also change the width of the line by using the flip-flop.In any case, it helps you control the volume of the pigment.
  • Easy to Use - Easy to handle and easy to open magazine latch for fast loading by one hand. It is ideal for beginners, students and experienced artists.It is the ideal choice for people who love makeup, model making, handicrafts, cake decoration, manicure and body painting!
  • Widely Used - This airbrush spray can be used for makeup, skin care, cake decoration, painting, commercial art, such as nail spray gun set, spray gun painting set, tattoo gun set.Suitable for personal skin care products, makeup artists, manicurists, tattoo artists, hairdressers and painters.It is a great gift for family or friends.
  • Note - It is very important to clean the spray gun in time, so as to prolong the service life of the spray gun.Please remember to clean the spray gun before and after each use.Of course, it is also necessary to try to clean the spray gun first if it is blocked.
  • Suitable for Beginners - In order to facilitate the novice to use the spray gun, we chose aluminum as the main raw material.The aluminum spray gun is lighter, easier to control, and the easy-to-use spray gun makes it easier for beginners to paint and more suitable for beginners.

Pen Gun Airbrush

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