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Long-lasting Eyebrow Tint «DEEP BROW TINT» is the innovative product developed by TM ELAN professional line and one of the signature eyebrow tinting system SMART BROW TINTING SYSTEM components.

the multifunctional alkalizing agent is an ideal alternative for the traditional alkalizers, which enables to formulate the eyebrow tint with the lower percentage of the oxidative hair colourants, therefore reduces a potential risk of an allergic reaction;the alkalizing agent provides an immediate chemical reaction, acting as the oxidation process accelerator and allowing the eyebrow tint to appear instantly on the skin and the hairs. It also allows a brow artist to correct the eyebrow shape before the tinting procedure is fully completed.THE


the pH of the ready for use tinting mixture is 7. «Long-lasting Eyebrow Tint «DEEP BROW TINT» by TM ELAN professional line is THE FIRST EYEBROW TINT WITH THE NEUTRAL pH, which protects the hairs from damage and prevents skin dryness. The patented ingredient Heliogenol™ by SEDERMA (France) provides HIGH COLOUR FASTNESS of the eyebrow tint, protects the colour from fading and the eyebrow hairs from UV-rays. * PLEASANT ODOR of the eyebrow tint allows to make the tinting procedure more comfortable for clients.

the long-wear skin tinting – up to 14 days and the hair tinting – up to 30 days (depending on the skin type and the hair structure). **

Long-lasting Eyebrow Tint Deep Brow Tint 05 SPICY warm brown

  • 20 ml

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