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Henna Lovely is designed for hair coloring. It is finely ground and mixed with unique natural dye components - Lavsonia leaves responsible for the long-lasting color effect on the skin and hair. Aloe Vera extract and Jojoba oil nourish the skin, strengthen and enhance hair structure by making it softer and boosting it's growth.

Henna for eyebrows Lovely, 5 g

  • 5 g

  • Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with water. Allergy test should be done before use. If an allergic reaction occurs consult a doctor immediately. For external use only. Use in accordance with the instructions. Do not use for eyelash dyeing. Do not use on inflamed skin.

    *Sensitivity test: Dilute the henna according to the instructions. Apply the mixture to a small area of skin on the inside of your elbow. Let it dry. Reapply another layer. After drying, remove the mixture with a damp cotton pad. If signs of an allergic reaction occur during the test run or within the next 48 hours, you should consult a doctor before proceeding.

    *Lovely henna in shades:

    #01 is a light brown shade with a gentle neutral tone. This color adapts well to the type: it will highlight the natural cold tone on cold blondes; on warm blondes it will gently emphasize the warmth, so the eyebrows coloring will look most harmonious.

    #02 is a rich brown shade with a warm tone used when dyeing brown hair and redhead girls.

    #03 is a deep, cool, dark brown, ideal for dark-haired and bright brunettes.

    #04 is an intense black perfect for dyeing bright brunettes and as an extra pigment for creating mixes to make the color expressive and deep.

    *Prepare the eyebrows for dyeing with products by Lovely: -Clean the eyebrow area from makeup with micellar water; -Clean the hairs, use shampoo or eyebrow foam; -Prepare the skin for dyeing with a scrub or exfoliating gel; treat the dyeing area with a degreaser; -Draw a sketch of the eyebrows with a modeling paste.

    *Preparation of the henna Lovely: Mix henna with the mineral water LOVELY in a non-metallic container in a 1:1 ratio (add a few drops of mineral water, if necessary, to obtain the desired consistency); Mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained; Use a special mixer to mix the henna.

    *Types of consistency of the henna: You can adjust the brightness of the color by changing the density of the consistency by mixing henna and mineral water LOVELY in different proportions. The thicker the consistency, the brighter the color. Liquid consistency resembles soy sauce with minimal viscosity. When stirred in a container, it quickly drips off the walls, leaving a translucent trail. Medium consistency: the texture resembles that of olive oil, has a medium viscosity, when stirred in a container slowly drains from the rim. Thick consistency resembles the texture of drinking yogurt. It has a fairly high viscosity, when mixed in a container, it very slowly drips down the rim.

    *Eyebrow dyeing: Apply henna evenly to the area that is to be tinted strictly along the modeled shape; Wait until the first layer is completely dry and, if necessary, apply the next layer; For a more saturated result it is recommended to apply the henna in 2 layers and wait for complete drying of the composition (about 15-30 minutes after applying the first layer); The total exposure time of the henna will depend on the dyeing technique, the consistency of the composition and the initial condition of the eyebrows: their density, evenness of the texture, the structure of the hairs; When the final layer is completely dry, gently remove the composition from the eyebrows with a damp cotton pad.

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