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The stickiness of the eyelashes tape plays a decisive role when choosing a brand of eyelashes.

50% of lashmakers work in tape-in eyelash extension technology.

Lashy eyelashes have an average stickiness of the tape, which is convenient for tape-in technology, because fans are easily formed and don't break. Also such stickiness of the tape is convenient for manual lashmakers , because the adhesive layer does not remain on the base of the eyelash and does not interfere with the forming of the fan.

Convenient marking of the tape by thickness, length and bend - the lashmaker will not get confused using several bends and thicknesses in one job. Lashy eyelashes have a rich black color and a glossy surface.

MIX palettes are formed in such a way that all the necessary lengths are collected in one palette, and each other mix continues the previous one, so the lashmaker does not have unclaimed lengths.

Eyelash extensions: Black LASHY - 16 lines - MIX

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