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Eyebrow Tint Colour Booster is the innovative product developed by TM ELAN professional line and one of the signature eyebrow tinting system SMART BROW TINTING SYSTEM components.

The eyebrow tint colour boosters are developed for:adding more depth and intensity to the eyebrow tint basic colour palette;expanding the variety of shades;correcting or eliminating undesired colour nuances.The eyebrow tint colour boosters are specially designed for mixing with the basic colour palette of «Long-lasting Eyebrow Tint «Deep Brow Tint» «04 ICY» and «05 SPICY» by TM ELAN professional line. They also can be used with other eyebrow tint brands supposing that a specialist has the basic knowledge of the colour science.



Eyebrow Tint Colour Booster 06 INDIGO

  • 20 ml

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