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The long-lasting eyebrow tint "Deep Brow Tint" is an innovative product developed by the professional line ELAN.


The system guarantees a long-lasting effect of eyebrow coloring (up to 30 days) and skin coloring (up to 14 days). The tint "DEEP BROW TINT" is one of the parts of SBTS. It is the first dye in the world without ammonia and with a neutral pH. The "Eyebrow Tint Color Booster" concentrate from the SBTS system was developed to expand the shade range of eyebrow tint. The kit consists of: - long-lasting eyebrow tint "DEEP BROW TINT", shade "04 ICY cold brown" (20 ml); - long-lasting eyebrow tint "DEEP BROW TINT" shade "05 SPICY warm brown" (20 ml); - booster concentrate "Eyebrow Tint Color" shade "06 INDIGO" (20 ml); - booster concentrate "Eyebrow Tint Color" shade "07 ORANGE" (20 ml); - 3% oxidizing emulsion "SBTS" (30 ml).


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