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ELAN MILKY MOUSSE is a professional foaming mousse for preparing eyebrows and eyelashes for coloring and lamination procedures. The product effectively cleanses and degreases the skin, eyebrow hairs, and eyelashes, and promotes better fixation of the color. It has a mild sulfate-free base.

The cleansing mousse also acts as a care product, as it contains Fision KeraVeg18, which contains 18 nourishing plant amino acids. Therefore, its use helps to strengthen the hair and gives it elasticity.

How to use: Use a brush to apply the required amount of mousse to your eyebrows and/or eyelashes. Rinse off the residue with a cotton pad moistened with water. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

ELAN - Milky Mousse - cleansing mousse for eyebrows and eyelashes

  • 150 ml

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