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Pads help create a natural L-shaped curl with a lifting or curling effect, making the eyes appear more expressive and open. They are individually shaped for the right and left eyes, allowing for symmetrical results. These pads fit perfectly along the corners of the eyelids and are easily secured, providing even elevation to the lash line. The visual opening of the outer corner of the eye creates the sought-after "foxy-eye" effect.
NOTE! The pads come in various sizes. S, M, L sizes help create a flatter curle, while S1, M1, L1 sizes create an L-shaped curl with a more rounded bend.




Soft and lightweight silicone pads are used to create beautiful lash curls. They are attached to the eyelids with a special gel, and lashes are carefully placed onto the pads with an applicator. After the procedure, any excess gel can be removed with a cotton swab moistened with water.

These pads are designed to be reusable, so it's important to clean them before and after each use. Minor damages are not a concern as the pads are made from a soft material.

ELAN - Lash Lift Silicone Pads EASY CURL

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