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KIN PROTECTOR 2.0 is a multifunctional protective cream with argan oil. Designed primarily to protect hair and skin during brow and eyelash tinting and lamination procedures, as well as to protect the eyelids during lash tinting.

The tool nourishes the hairs and gives them shine, and also prevents dry skin. Suitable for professional use by eyebrows and lamiemakers, and for home use as a care product.

The unique beneficial properties of the protective cream with argan oil "SKIN PROTECTOR 2.0" are due to the action of the active ingredients that it contains:

  • 80% argan oil consists of unsaturated fatty acids, which protect the hairs from oxidative processes and the negative effects of the external environment;
  • shottenol and a-Spinasterol stimulate cell regeneration, and triglycerides restore lipid metabolism;
  • Castor oil prevents skin dryness and protects it from overexposure to UV rays.

Thanks to the improved consistency, SKIN PROTECTOR 2.0 does not melt or spread, which ensures the comfort of the beauty procedure.


How to use

  • During brow tinting: Apply SKIN PROTECTOR 2.0 Argan Oil Protective Cream to brows and around brows before using brow tints to protect skin from chemical attack and dehydration.
  • When tinting your brows: Apply SKIN PROTECTOR 2.0 Argan Oil Protective Cream around your brows to prevent skin tinting.
  • When coloring eyelashes: apply SKIN PROTECTOR 2.0 argan oil protective cream to the lower and upper eyelids to prevent skin coloring.
  • To get a less intense shade of paint: add "SKIN PROTECTOR 2.0" to the color mixture in a ratio of 1:1:4 (one part paint, one part oxidizer and four parts argan oil protective cream).
  • Like home care. For the purpose of high-quality moisturizing of eyelashes and eyebrows, use a protective cream with argan oil "SKIN PROTECTOR 2.0" as a daily care product. Using a brush, apply the required amount of the product to the eyebrows and / or eyelashes, leave until completely absorbed.

ELAN - Argan Oil Skin Protector 2.0

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