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Japanese manicure kit is a complete kit for creating an ecological, natural manicure using Japanese technologies. The set contains everything you need to do Japanese manicure from scratch.

Japanese manicure is a natural wax coating with vitamins and healing elements that preserves the natural color of the nail, but creates a barrier half a millimeter thick that looks like transparent gel polish. Japanese manicure technology simultaneously restores and regenerates the nail plate and makes nails very beautiful.


 Japanese manicure set includes:

1 paste 10 grams - contains so-called diamond earth, silicon and sulfur. Stimulates growth and regenerates the nail plate.

2. powder 10 grams - contains beeswax, lanolin, glycerin, silicon, stearic acid. Protects the nail, restores the nail bed after gel polish, heals and regenerates the skin and cuticle around the nails.

3. Two calfskin polishers. One for rubbing in the paste, the other for rubbing in the powder.

4. Six files for preliminary manicure.

5. Scraper for paste and powder.

6. Suede napkin for wiping nails.

7. Gift plastic box.

8. Instructions in English. It is better to read the application technology below or watch the video on YouTube.


 Japanese manicure coating technology:

  • do a pre-manicure. You can use a manicure tool, a router, files and buffs to perfectly prepare your nails
  • using a scraper, apply 1 Paste evenly onto the calfskin polisher, a small amount. Then rub the paste into the nail plate with successive movements, half a minute for each nail.
  • wipe your nails with a suede cloth
  • Apply Powder 2 to another polisher in the same way. Using the same movements, rub the powder into each nail for half a minute.
  • wipe your nails with a suede cloth

Now your manicure is ready. Perfect gloss and natural color. The coating lasts up to 10 days. Japanese manicure is not a replacement for gel polishes or a dip system, but it gives your nails a neat, natural beauty. And most importantly, it heals, restores nails and does not harm them at all. Moreover, Natural Look is now in trend.

Additionally, you can purchase from us various oils and cuticle removers, orange sticks, manicure tools and milling cutters.


Bomesel - Japanese Manicure Kit

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