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SML S5 is a professional manicure lamp with 33 LEDs (by LG company) strategically placed to eliminate blind spots, with a total LED power of 48 watts. 
Perfect for drying gels, gel polishes, bio gels.
Thanks to its stylish, modern design, it will easily fit into any interior.
There is also a motion sensor, timer: 10, 30, 60, 120 s., Touch buttons, LED display.
The lamp has a built-in overheating protection.

SML-5 48W lamp specifications:
LEDs are located around the entire perimeter and in large numbers on the top of the lamp. When developing the lamp model, the location of the LEDs on both sides of the lamp relative to the thumbs was taken into account, so that it is comfortable to dry all 5 fingers at the same time;


  • Lamp power: 48 watts;
  • The presence of a digital timer built into the lamp housing for 10, 30 and 60 seconds;
  • The presence of a sensor;
  • The presence of a removable bottom for convenience when pedicure;
  • LED type: UV / LED from the best LG manufacturer, as evidenced by a special badge on the box and in the instructions;
  • The body is made of high-strength plastic: 100% protection against falls from a height, as well as the first moisture-resistant nail lamps in the world;
  • Lamp packaging: in an individual box, inside which is a special foam frame with recesses for the lamp, adapter, instructions and a bonus pair of gloves that comes as a compliment from the factory. What matters in delivery and transportation;
  • Long service life: more than 50,000 hours.


Recommended for beauty salons and home use. It turns on automatically when the hand is placed (there are sensor sensors on the sides of the lamp), it turns off automatically when the hand is removed from the lamp.

48W UV LED Nail Lamp Pro Gel Polish Curing Lamp Manicure Dryer SML S5

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