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Facial and Body Hair Removal Non-Woven Wax Strip

【HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL】Made of high-quality non-woven fabric, it is soft and skin friendly, without damage to the skin, durable, not easy to tear, and has strong toughness. Easy to use, mainly used in arms, feet, armpits and other areas.

【EASY TO CARRY】These non-woven hair removal papers are lightweight, small in size, easy to store and carry, bringing you convenience. Paired with hair removal beeswax, it can quickly and effectively dislodge hair. The combination of high-quality non-woven wax strips with a soft touch, smooth surface, and no soft fluff makes using these professional preferred wax strips super comfortable and effective.

【EASY TO USE】These paper strips do not contain wax, so you need to apply some wax evenly to the skin first. After applying wax to the skin, put on the strip and press it until it firmly adheres to the wax layer, then tear off the strip.

【APPLICATION SCOPE】These non-woven wax strips are very suitable for use on the face, legs, bikini areas, and armpits, removing excess hair and avoiding embarrassment when skin is exposed, allowing you to confidently showcase your carefully dressed body.

【PACKAGING INCLUDES】100 sheets of hair removal paper, sufficient in quantity to meet daily hair removal needs, suitable for home or professional use, sufficient for immediate storage for future use, and a convenient and easy way to removes excess hair.

100 Pcs Wax Strips

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