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Next generation STRONG 207B  nailsdrill machine Korean Glow Trading  is proud to launch the Strong, next generation series of machines From the international manufacturer Saeshin.

The Saeshin concern has joined the fight to save the planet, and is moving to green and ecological production Strong 207B in an upgraded version with a new handle 40,000 revolutions per minute
☑ New handle - next generation 40k
☑ Drilling handle is stronger, more durable, quieter, more sealed, does not heat up ☑ Comes in biodegradable ecological packaging

☑ Clean and upgraded design Handle weight - 190 grams Power: 45W

Suitable for manicure and building nails, has a reliable, strong and quiet motor
The device comes with a new section drilling  handle that is sealed and comfortable to hold, which allows prolonged work without hand pain, without vibrations;
Easy control over the direction and intensity of the rotation also includes a pedal for regulating the drilling speed and a handle stand.

Strong 207B/120II(White) Nails Drill

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