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Benefits of Smart Pedicure:

– with the help of a smart disk, you can get rid of cracks in the feet,
— the heels will be perfectly smooth and the effect will last up to 3-5 weeks,
– everything is sterile, the file is disposable, the base is sterilized in dry heat.
– the files are made of silicon carbide, they do not tear the skin, but, as it were, cut and grind.
– Smart disc has 6 types of abrasiveness, you can choose an abrasive for any type of skin.
– Smart disk can polish the skin, after which it will not grow for a very long time.
– the base-cutter-disk is made of surgical steel, it can be disinfected in dry heat and disinfectants, so the pedicure is safe.

Smart Pedicure Set

257٫00﷼ سعر عادي
218٫45﷼سعر البيع
  • Staleks - PodoDisc L   
    Staleks - Sponge Files    
    Vanity Beauty - Molecular Oil 100 ml    
    Vanity Beauty - Smart Candle (Big)

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