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Oxidizing Emulsion 3% is the innovative product developed by TM ELAN professional line and one of the signature eyebrow tinting system SMART BROW TINTING SYSTEM components.

Oxidizing emulsion 3% is specially designed for mixing with the eyebrow tint «Deep Brow Tint» and the colour boosters by TM ELAN professional line.
The ideal formulation and the soft creamy texture of the product ensure the perfect result.

Emulsifying agents protect the hairs during the eyebrow tinting procedure.
Due to mixing the oxidizing emulsion 3% and the eyebrow tint «Deep Brow Tint» by TM ELAN professional line, the pH of the ready for use tinting mixture is 7.

Thus, the eyebrow tint «Deep Brow Tint» is the first eyebrow tint with neutral pH, which protects the hairs from damage and prevents skin dryness.

Oxidizing Emulsion 3%

  • 30 ml

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