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NEW to the Market! 

Greatly improved and priced just right, this new unit rocks. It's a game changer!

Meet New Nail Drill Set, a Korean Original, BRILLIAN B350+New H350 handpiece (by SAESHIN/STRONG). 110/220V (65W) and @35,000 RPM.

Reduced vibrations in a new H350 handpiece. Super smooth. Compact. Powerful. Quiet. This complete set includes original compact box transformer unit, a handpiece is a super durable blue H350 (rated at 40K RPM and 3.0 Nsm torque ) with spare brushes.

The newly designed handpiece H350 is the lightest at 40K RPM and very powerful of all STRONG handpieces (183g or 6.4oz) yet comfortable to handle and suitable for both manicres and pedicures. Controller box weight is 1.05 kg.

  • Brand New compact-stylish box
  • Built-in handpiece holder
  • 8 Bit holder on outside panel of control box
  • Hand ↔ Foot control select
  • Built-in overload/overheat protection system

Brillian B350 + H350(Pink) Nails Drill

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